a) Proposals are valid for 30 days. After this period JORMAX does not guarantee the fulfilment of the conditions initially established.
b) The values presented in the bids are calculated for the set. In the case of partial award, JORMAX reserves the right to update the proposed values.
c) The values indicated in the proposals and billing documents are net per line and do not include postage and VAT.
d) Price lists may change without notice and this update shall be released as early as possible.

The user, natural person to whom the data relates and who has enjoyed Jormax services or products. The user will be the person who uses or operates Jormax products and services.

a) Delivery time is based on an estimate of approximate business days from the date of confirmation of the Customer Order and except sale.
b) JORMAX is not responsible for delays arising from situations beyond its control, such as machine or vehicle damage, delays from international and national carriers, adverse weather conditions, holidays, holidays, etc.
c) JORMAX does not accept penalties for non-compliance with delivery times, except as previously agreed in writing by the parties, in a private document.
d) For materials in stock, JORMAX will deliver the goods within 48 hours of receipt of the order and in accordance with the requested delivery date.
e) For materials not in stock, the delivery time desired by the customer may be conditioned by the period of our production. In such cases, the customer will be informed of a new order confirmation with the new delivery time.
f) Within the agreed delivery period, if JORMAX has partial quantities against the order placed, it will supply the available quantity, the remainder being for delivery at the later confirmed date.
g) If the Customer requests the anticipated delivery deadline, this will only be accepted if stock is available and after confirmation from JORMAX

a) The packaging to be used is defined by JORMAX, unless a special packaging has been previously agreed.
b) The shipping costs are borne by the Customer, unless otherwise agreed.
c) Goods are always sent at the Customer’s risk and expense.

a) All supplies of € 2 500.00 or less (VAT excluded) are payable in cash.
b) All supplies above € 2 500.00 (VAT excluded) are Cash Payments, except in situations where Customer Credit is granted.
c) The study for the eventual opening of Credit is requested by the client through its own form, and the process is treated as soon as possible.
d) The initiation of the process does not guarantee that the credit will be accepted, so the conditions of any ongoing order are not affected by an ongoing Credit opening study.
e) Credit payment terms cease in cases of late payment of overdue invoices, if there is no prior authorization for another payment term.
f) Credit payment terms automatically cease if there are no movements within a period of more than 3 months.
(g) A new credit extension shall be subject to the above procedures.

a) Payments must be made to JORMAX’s address at Customer’s risk, with the sum of the amount due being transmitted, regardless of the payment method chosen.
(b) Where payment by bank transfer is chosen, the following bank is used:
IBAN: PT50 0007 0618 0008 5350 0028 9
c) In the event of non-payment within the agreed period, interest on late payment will be due, in accordance with Decree-Law 32/2003 of 17 February, the rate of which is established by Ordinance 597/2005, of 19/07.
d) The delay or non-payment of documents already overdue causes the immediate suspension of deliveries of orders in progress.
e) Any payment is only considered after good collection.

a) Returns will only be accepted if previously agreed with JORMAX.

a) JORMAX only accepts duly proven material defect claims.
b) Due to the result of the analysis of the complaint, it will be agreed with the Customer the replacement of the material or the credit of its value.
c) The warranty does not cover any transportation costs to and from our facilities.
d) The general conditions of guarantee are those established by the legislation in force.

a) In adjudicating all the disputed cases, the Santa Maria da Feira District Court is the only competent court.
b) JORMAX reserves the right, as the complainant of a legal action, to take this action at the place of the buyer or at home, in Portugal or abroad.